Jakarta, September 22th 2019 – Blockchain is a decentralized peer to peer technology. With the Blockchain Technology, data can be sent without depends on just one server. Blockchain was created in 2009 together with the appearance of Bitcoin. However the user already reach one million people though the world only for 5 years only, including the giant entreprise in developed Countries. Block Community presented in Indonesia to better educate people about the Blockchain Technology.

This is the 1st Block Community Event that held in The Kasablanka on 22nd September 2018. This event that supported by TOKENOMY and ONTOLOGY, getting full attention from Blockchain Enthusiast with the total of 300 participants. Block Community become a place to adding insight, latest information about Blockchain World and as a discussion tool for Blockchain Enthusiasts and Blockchain Experts. Block Community Event opened by Mr. Oscar Darmawan Indodax’s CEO, The Largest Digital Asset Exchange in Southeast Asia also presenting Blockchain Experts Speakers from domestic and international. The event that took place appoximately for 8 hours, divided into several sessions and panellist such as Ontology & partners, HARA, Mfun, Perlin Network, BCL, Tokenomy, Lyfe, PlayGame, Vexanium and Bloocys.

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