Surabaya, September 8th, 2019 – The Block Community event was held on September 7th, 2019 in Surabaya. Formed a national conference, this event aimed to enrich knowledge, find solutions, and share the latest insights related to the future Blockchain technology development. To make you clear enough, Block Community Surabaya itself was the fourth Block Community event with the main theme named “Blockchain Solutions for the Future”.

Oscar Darmawan as the CEO of Indodax said every day more people, especially classified as the middle social classes and young people, have known in terms of Blockchain. In fact, some of them have also experienced with the latest Blockchain technology in their daily lives. For instance, in the public sector, this peer to peer technology has succeeded in facilitating the recording of identity, valuable assets, health data, and tax invoices. Meanwhile, in the financial sector Blockchain helped people in accelerating audit activities, cross-border payments, digital asset investments, and making smart contracts.

While giving a speech, Oscar also added:
“One of the great advances about Blockchain is that we can send any data without depending on one server. Smart or multi-application solutions using Blockchain technology are indeed considered as one way to increase community social welfare. It effects then new opportunities will arise for business people where they start actively creating many new jobs which are more promising and profitable. Therefore, the momentum and existence of the digital ecosystem which has been formed must always be maintained and Indodax is ready to commit as a pioneer to actively educate the public about the Blockchain.

In the next few years, Oscar predicted the existence of a digital lifestyle of the community and increased penetration of the internet and smart phones would be an accelerating factor in the development of the Blockchain align with our needs. He pointed out this distributed and decentralized technology could be used to conducting a more effective and efficient election process. “It is true that several issues such as public trust, technical challenges, privacy and value fluctuations, and inadequate data governance would become the new challenges for the implementation of the Blockchain in the near future,” explained Oscar.

Coupled with Oscar Darmawan’s mentioned-statement before, Danny Rowshandel as a Managing Director of High Performance Blockchain (HPB) explained one of the reasons they did expansion into Indonesia was there are many Indonesia’s conventional companies which have lack of capabilities to implement Blockchain technology. Align with this problem, they are ready to overcome it by establishing plenty of Blockchain communities in Indonesia and providing various forms of support such as financial capital and operational management. For your information, HPB is one of the qualified blockchain projects having experiences in developing blockchain with UnionPay. UnionPay itself is the largest payment processing company in China today.

This event invited more than five blockchain experts from both national and international circles. In addition, more than 200 delegates attended with diverse backgrounds such as academics, students, investors, etc.

Oscar Darmawan also added the Black Community event is one of Indodax’s missions to continue educating the public regarding Blockchain and Crypto Asset trading. Indodax currently has 1.8 million members in Indonesia and helps many Indonesian people earn additional income through trading in Crypto, a valuable asset using blockchain technology.

Understand Blockchain Development in Indonesia – Block Community Medan

Medan, 30th April 2019 – Blockchain system born as one of a widely discussed system because it has decentralized technology character. It’s development is more perceived by every groups in Indonesia because it can make business until daily life easier. Therefore to enrich knowledge about Blockchain, Block Community bring together crypto asset field experts with Blockchain Lovers and Crypto Asset to gather, interact, sharing knowledge, experience and latest development in Blockchain world.

Block Community Medan is the third Block Community event, the first event held in outside Jakarta, after two previous Block Community events successfully held in Jakarta in 2018. Block Community Medan event successfully attended by more than a hundred participants from Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Lovers in Medan City. “The Rise of Blockchain Technology” is the topic from this event, see from the increasing of people’s awareness of the importance about blockchain implementation in a number of fields.

Oscar Darmawan, Indodax’s CEO said” Based on TNS Research Institutions, 63 percents of Indonesian people especially Millenials from age 25 – 34 years old are familiar with Digital Assets. This is because they want everything to become faster, including the selection of Financial Access. High Internet Penetration makes Millennials gain the profit faster from digital assets than other conventional assets. Blockchain Technology not only make our daily life more comfortable but also fulfill people’s financial aspiration.”

“Therefore when people asked, are the digital assets already dead? It’s era is actually just began. Due to the innovation has been increasing, asset capitalization value more increasing than two years ago and The Government also slightly more positive” Oscar Darmawan added.

This event attended a number of speakers such as Indra Darmawan Lyfe’s CEO, Christian Hsieh Tokenomy’s CEO, Wenbin Zhong Qtum’s Chinese Lead Developer, Danny Baskara Vexanium’s CEO, Longman TokenWiz’s CEO, Bo Zhang Aurorachain’s VP & CO-Founder and A-B-I’s Pandu Sastrowardoyo Secretary-General.

Block Community Medan’s Event also provides English translator to facilitate all participants in order to understanding the discussions. We also provide the entertainment spot such as photobooth & tarot reader where participants can share the moment for free.


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Block Community in Indocomtech’s Event

Jakarta, November 3rd 2018 – After successfully held the first event, the place when the Blockchain experts & Enthusiast gathered, Block Community’s event is re-organized. This 2nd Block Community’s Event  took place in Indocomtech Event that held in JCC Hall B on 3rd November 2018.

This event opened by Mr. Oscar Darmawan Chief Executive Officer’s Indodax, The Largest Digital Assets Exchange in Southeast Asia, also presenting Blockchain Experts Speakers from domestic and international.

The event is take place appoximately for 8 hours and divided into several sessions and panellist such as Vexanium, Lyfe, HARA, PXG and Tokenomy with the total of 350 participants in one day.

This event which supported by AURORA and GXChain, gaining full attention from Blockchain Enthusiast and become a place to adding insight, latest information in Blockchain World also as discussion tool for Blockchain Enthusiasts with Blockchain Experts.

To all of you who have difficulties in English, The Block Community’s Event also provide the translator to help you understand the discussion in Bahasa Indonesia.

Keep follow our next Block Community Event in 2019!


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Block Community at The Kasablanka!

Jakarta, September 22th 2019 – Blockchain is a decentralized peer to peer technology. With the Blockchain Technology, data can be sent without depends on just one server. Blockchain was created in 2009 together with the appearance of Bitcoin. However the user already reach one million people though the world only for 5 years only, including the giant entreprise in developed Countries. Block Community presented in Indonesia to better educate people about the Blockchain Technology.

This is the 1st Block Community Event that held in The Kasablanka on 22nd September 2018. This event that supported by TOKENOMY and ONTOLOGY, getting full attention from Blockchain Enthusiast with the total of 300 participants. Block Community become a place to adding insight, latest information about Blockchain World and as a discussion tool for Blockchain Enthusiasts and Blockchain Experts. Block Community Event opened by Mr. Oscar Darmawan Indodax’s CEO, The Largest Digital Asset Exchange in Southeast Asia also presenting Blockchain Experts Speakers from domestic and international. The event that took place appoximately for 8 hours, divided into several sessions and panellist such as Ontology & partners, HARA, Mfun, Perlin Network, BCL, Tokenomy, Lyfe, PlayGame, Vexanium and Bloocys.

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